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accumulations near the pennsylvania line. breezy and cold. the main part of the storm is getting cranking right now. the bowls i will be in the boston area. heavy snow there with wind gusting over 25 miles per hour and 32 degrees. there will be two or 3 feet of snow in massachusetts. jane grey's up in boston right now. -- jay gray. >> the wind is picking up here and the snow continues to fall. these conditions are only going to intensify as we move through the evening. salt and staand being loaded. >> we have over 600 pieces of equipment ready to deploy. >> in boston and other areas where the snow is moving in, it
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may not be enough. in connecticut, this pilot started when a driver lost control on the eyes. of the governor of massachusetts has now closed roads across the entire state. >> we have banned vehicle traffic effective 4:00 today. three dozen flights have been canceled and this will go along with accumulation of snow across the region. snowplows, blowers, and shovels are working overtime but they cannot keep up with the pace. hurricane-force wind could threaten power lines across the area. >> this storm prevents -- presents some troubling problem.s 9 families are making a last minute-to make sure they have what they need. >> food, supplies, water.
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>> these supplies may have to last a while even after the snow stops falling. >> this is going to be a very serious weather events. the recovery will be slow. people should prepare. >> the time for preparation has ended. these conditions will last longer than first expected. the blizzard warning in the boston area has been extended through 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. in boston, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can get the forecast as of the updated on our new iphone and android apps. >> we're following in developing story out of northwest baltimore. one person is dead and an investigation is under way after a house fire near pimlico happened late this afternoon. kim dacey is live on the scene
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and joins us live with the late breaking details. >> this is still very much an active scene. they're going in and out of the house here on the corner and they are just starting their investigation. firefighters were called to the 5700 block here in baltimore. they found snow coming from the first floor of the home and they started performing research and rescue. there are not sure smoke detectors were working at the time, but it found one woman dead in the basement. >> the victim that was found did perish, but preliminarily believed to be smoke inhalation. >> fire officials say it's too early to determine the cause of the fire, but investigators around here trying to determine that. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news
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>> officials are blaming a faulty furnace for one of two carbon monoxide scare's. the first sent a people to the hospital including several children around 7:00 at this apartment complex in east baltimore. crews were called to the scene for the report of a carbon monoxide emergency. the patients have been undergoing treatment and about one hour later, there were on the scene at this elementary school and they were able to trace the high carbon monoxide levels there to a faulty boiler. the levels were reading at 160 parts per million. 100 parts per million requires immediate evacuation. >> motion to move the case to juvenile court denied. he will be tried as an adult down now a judge is looking to
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see if his statements to the police can be used against him. kai reed joins us live. >> he asked, "can i get the death penalty for this?" they maintain the public will be best served if he is tried as an adult. he opened fire on the first day of school and will stand trial as an adult for attempted murder. they offered 15-year-old robert gladden, jr, a plea deal but he rejected it. he said taking a shot gun to school was "the dumbest and stupidest decision." he claimed to trying to kill himself and that he was sorry. he wanted to be placed in a secure youth facilities saying, "i once held. your the only person who can
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give me that help. he said he would get raped and killed. the shooting inside the school cafeteria seriously wounded the special needs students. he argued that his actions were egregious calling what happened a nightmare. the defense attorney argued he knew a school resource officer was on campus and that he was trying to commit suicide but came out with a plan to take others with him. the judge listened to the entire interview. the judge rule that there was no evidence gladden had been bullied. he was concerned about the teenager is lack of remorse in which he said he did not care if the victim lived or died. >> the judge also warned his admiration for hitler, a letter he sent to charles manson and
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making light of the sandy hook shooting. live in towns and, kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the woman charged with killing her two year-old daughter and during her body in the dumpster and we have the very latest on the investigation. >> chelsea both was denied bail after she admitted to committing the crime according the charge and documents. she said she killed her daughter because she thought the had put agirl's father curse on her. a shocking crime had a 25-year- old chelsea booth kill her daughter in annapolis. she told police that the child's father, nelson, had placed "a muslim curse" and that kassi
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dey was possessed. some time on the fourth or fifth, she murdered her by lying on top of her until she showed no signs of life. she wrapped her daughter in a blanket and then put her body in a dumpster. police said they had a hard time finding the body but they were eventually able to track it to a garbage transition station in just a. her body had been loaded into real car bound for an out-of- state landfill. they were able to stop the train and down the two-year-old body. in 2005, she was found guilty of possession of marijuana and a few years later found guilty of resisting arrest and failure to obey police. in 2009, she was found guilty of theft and second-degree assault. as far as the little girl's father, he said he had not seen his daughter in several months and right now they do not
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consider him a suspect. bush has been charged with first and second degree murder as well as first-degree child abuse. she is being held tonight without bail. the investigation is ongoing. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. of >> that's just terrible. it brought the superbowl to a screeching halt. >> tonight, we know what is to blame for the infamous power outage at the game and it had nothing to do with beyonce. >> do you think you will leave baltimore? >> questions circulating on joe flacco's future with the ravens. more on that plus is response to the retirement of ray lewis. >> i am tim tooten. how students in one of the charter schools are trying to make their case.
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>> from beyonce to cyber terrorism, there has been a lot of speculation on what caused the power outage at the super bowl. the power company is taking the blame. they say the 34-minute blackout was caused by faulty device that had been installed to prevent a power outage. it is called a relay and it is supposed to protect power in and out of the stadium. meanwhile, the lights are on right before super bowl mvp joe flacco on the set of "live with kelly and michael." he also answered some questions about what is next for next season. how will they do with the departure of ray lewis?
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>> we have such a great locker room. we have a lot of guys who are leaders. we will all do our part. >> technically you are a free agent. i'm not sure what that means, but i know it has something to do with money. do you think you will the baltimore? >> i do not think there's any shot of that happening especially after we won that one. >> kelly ripa asking the tough questions. there also asked about his new status as a free agent. they said signing him to a long- term deal is a high priority, but they have no intention of overpaying potential free agents. >> i've never quite understood free-agency either. tv personality montell williams is working to steady the success of a new brain stimulation method.
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he suffers from multiple sclerosis. today, he joined scientists to study a mouthpiece that uses electrical stimulation. the electoral impulses are supposed to retrain the patient's brain. the army is interested because it causes balance and walking problem similar to those found in a service member's with traumatic brain injury. no correlation has down between american-related stress and the development of cancer. it included data from 12 studies involving 116,000 participants. although no link between job stress and cancer was found, stressed out people are in general more likely to smoke and eat a poorly, both cancer risk factors. it's the middle of the night and your baby wakes up crying. doctors say it is often the best
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thing to do. they are interfering with the baby's ability to self soothe. >> it's very painful. you have to think the baby is learning the new skill. >> they have over attentive mother is it and i used to being breastfed. believe it or not, this is a medical seminar on heart health. they were keeping the beat at the dance for your heart event. >> today, we're really trying to promote seniors and staying active.
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we do not get enough physical activity. we probably get about less than half of what we need. >> they also received blood pressure screenings information on healthy eating. national heart health month started back in 2003. >> it looks like we're going to continue our trend on just missing the snow here in maryland. the big storm blowing away and the temperatures are getting colder. now the chargers are starting to drop off a little bit. the rain showers will switch over to snow showers. it is showing that they're starting to make similar to miz together near boston. it will redevelop as this
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deepens offense to a new england. as this deepens, the gap in precipitation is going to move together and we will be on the southern edge of that. the bull's-eye is going to be way off to the north and east and we will get a little bit, but around boston, two or 3 feet of snow. they're going to have a drift that could be 10-12 feet high. obviously if you're traveling up to the northeast, you're going to have some trouble. let's see what's happening on the southern fringe of the wraparound. the northern part of the state back into cecil county in the eastern shore, 1 inch or less of accumulation at the start to wrap in. snow showers from time to time.
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the best chance would be up in cecil county. i do not think there will be much in a way of any accumulation. there is a winter weathered by azeri, but not around baltimore. the roads should be just fine if you do get some snow. the other thing i have to be concerned about is the wind. they will whip up and kick up behind it. we did see gusts may be close to 30 miles per hour tonight. not a big deal, but it will turn windy. a chance for rain or snow. the further we go, the more showers you will see. minor accumulations possible especially north and east of the city. temperatures will be dropping back into the 20's.
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during the day, left over snow flurries and a mix of sun and clouds. high temperatures into the mid to upper 30's. it will feel like it's in the 30's. sunday looks like a nice day. there could be some rain. we will be watching another storm taking from -- coming through the middle part of the week. it will likely be a mix of rain and snow again with a high temperature near 36 and it looks like it will be dry wednesday and thursday. >> still to come, a former police officer wanted in connection with the west coast shooting spree. >> what they're hoping will help them find the suspect. >> talk about making the ravens what abone of the state's officl birds.
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>> it is believed the former police officer is targeting other police and using his manifesto to predict his next moves. >> an intense game of cat and mouse playing out today. it is unclear who was the cat and who was the mouse. >> he left the mountain or we find him. one of the two. >> they are on an unprecedented manhunt for christopher dorner, who they fear could be hunting them. >> it's extremely dangerous. this is where he was spotted last.
5:25 pm
police follow the tracks leading away with no luck. >> we continued to follow until the ground got frozen. >> their real-life issue is the daughter of an lapd captain who represented him in 2009. >> of long as he is out there, he is a threat not only to law- enforcement but to the general public. >> they say his anger has been simmering since he joined the force. the manifesto which uses the lapd of destroying lives including his saying the killing will stop only when the truth comes out. >> there falling under harsh
5:26 pm
criticism for reportedly firing on two cars they thought might be his. a woman delivering newspapers was shot multiple times. >> that's unbelievable. >> under the students will have to find a new school. >> we will talk about it in just a few minutes. >> who says purple friday is over? did and as are about to get a very special visit from a super bowl champion.
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>> live. local. late breaking. you are watching wbal the tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall, donna hamilton and sky team 11 covering news where you live. klutz in the cross hairs of a blizzard. tens of millions of northeasterners are being told to stay inside down off the roads as it has began to fall. it's not going to be letting up anytime soon. many of us could be waking up to
5:29 pm
-- compared to what they will be getting, not much. >> the big story may be the wind. tony was like, where was that from? that cannot be us. we are underway when the advisory starting at 9:00. let's get the up-to-date forecasts. >> we took a live at shot from baltimore. that -- from boston. that was not us. by thistting eclipsed storm being on the southern edge of it. some minor accumulation possible and bacchants in northeastern maryland. maybe 1 inch, but most of you will see less. at bwi right now, some light rain. in the northern part of hartford and cecil county, you can see
5:30 pm
the light snow here. you're going to get a quick coating up there. i can do harford and cecil county over the next 15-20 minutes. -- back in harford and cecil county. >> here is a look at some of the other top stories. a fire leaving one person dead. there were called to my home in the 5700 block of high gates drive. they found a woman's body in the basement. the cause of the fire remains on non but they are on the scene. the students accused of a school shooting will be tried as an adult. he gave his own closing statement. they will be looking to see if whether his statements to police
5:31 pm
can be used against him. he was offered a plea deal but he rejected it. >> no bail for a woman charged in the death of kurt 2-year-old daughter. they believe the child was possessed by an evil spirit. she threw the toddler's body in a dumpster. they found her remains inside a real car. -- inside a rail car. baltimore >> city is a few days away for canceling the contracts of some privately run schools. 11 news education reporter who joins us with more details on the story. it said it will put up a fight
5:32 pm
to stay open. >> students are known for what they have learned outside of the classroom. they have lobbied in annapolis in support of school funding. it is the same school that may be forced to close its doors. >> i came from school when i did not even now what a gpa was. this school has changed me as a person. i have a support system here. everyone has pushed me to be and do more. i really do not want the school to close down. >> an advisory panel is recommending they part ways with the baltimore freedom county -- academy. parents say this fails to
5:33 pm
recognize what is happening in the buildings. >> what do i do with my baby for my senior year? it's supposed to be one of the most exciting years and now we face the possibility of the school closing or being under different leadership. >> it has become a middle high school giving students a chance to get in. >> it has helped me out a lot. it has changed me. it means i can walk up to my parents and actually know that their kid is doing something good with their life. >> they say they will keep putting pressure on the school system to reconsider. >> we want to see our school continue. we want their school to get five more years to renew. the voice coming from this building will be missed. if it were no longer a baltimore city charter school. >> the board is reviewing the
5:34 pm
contracts of as many as 25 schools. but >> is this all about money? >> there are also financial considerations, but they say it is strictly do to performance, climate, and administration. the final vote is set for tuesday. >> it started with a tiny dot last year. >> astronomers say it is now 150-foot asteroid and is headed straight toward earth. >> still no word on what caused the mass of flames to escalate to four alarms. officials say they have a plan to cut back on an uptick in fires throughout the city. >> what the ravens super bowl victory means to conventional business in baltimore. details new at 6.
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>> and this massive fire that
5:38 pm
devoured the company early this week to this afternoon's deadly house fire, baltimore city fire fighters have had a busy few weeks. several of the fires have been so vicious that have had to call in help from surrounding jurisdictions. that is one reason they are reminding people how important it is to have a working smoke detector. 1000 city residents will be getting just that. they have received a major safety ground to help them pay 400 the smoke detectors to be installed. if you live in this city and you need a smoke detector, call 311. still no word on what caused the fire that killed two young sisters in frederick county. tonight, help is pouring in. this is all that is left of their home in myers bill. damage estimates ranged around $200,000. there are now working to raise money and holding multiple fund-
5:39 pm
raisers. at last check, $83,000 had been raised. >> it is said to be the largest asteroid to ever make a flight by earth and it's headed this way. they have been tracking it cents last year. it will be moving more than 17,000 miles an hour when it passes by. 20012-da14. it is 150 feet wide and it will come about 5,000 miles closer and tv and communications satellites in orbit. despite its close proximity, it will not hit earth. also covering the nation tonight, a criminal investigation balding the bush family. the family including both former presidents are the latest target of a packers. it was reportedly the work of a
5:40 pm
blocker. they gave access to private boaters and emails and between members of the bush family. >> the monster storm has officials warning residents to stay inside. >> that's not stopping dozens of people from sleeping on the street. they will not leave until saturday night. >> a closer look at that monster storm and how it will affect us in maryland when i come back in a few minutes. if you rain and snow showers out there right now. stay tuned. the weather is next.
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5:42 pm
>> maryland still riding high for the super bowl and now there is a call to make their raven a state bird. how the super bowl victory is benefiting local businesses. snowe building up in the northeast. how much snow we could see in maryland. these and much
5:43 pm
>> the big storm is heading further north but it still makes people nervous. >> especially air travel. nothing is happening there. why is my plan grounded?
5:44 pm
>> they are all grounded. if your plan was coming from boston to take you to florida, you're going to be waiting a while. we manage to make it up to 42 degrees this act again, right around average. we did get a quarter inch of rain in some spots. this will likely come in the form of snow especially as we head into the evening and nighttime hours. 39 and that flow is coming out of the northwest. we do have a little bit of precipitation left over on the backside of the storm. if you light snow showers and flurries still. the further we go into the evening, the more you will see
5:45 pm
this changing over to snow. a monster storm is a good thing to call it. 50 m.p.h. in boston and the snow is coming down, f + +, thunder snow. this is closing together on the backside of the storm. there might be a little bit of a snow accumulation. obviously the bullseye is here. in new york, one but is now with near blizzard conditions. some people may see bit of an accumulation tonight. right on the southern fringe of
5:46 pm
that storm, 1 inch or less up 95 into new jersey. maybe in the northern part of the state. winds gusting up for the 30 miles per hour. the forecast for tonight, off and on rain or snow showers. more likely snow showers. by becoming wendy and colder. it will be breezy and cold.
5:47 pm
74 cast taking us into next week. sunday looks good. monday, rainshowers that will be to warm them. right on the fence and down. another chance for snow in the next seven days would be on wednesday with a high near 36. >> even the harswinter weather cannot keep justin bieber fans away. he is scheduled to host saturday night live and they are already camping out to get standby tickets. many of them have sleeping bags and blankets, but they say they will stay for long haul. >> what do you do for food? houri going to eat? >> take shifts. we're going to go get food and go back and forth. i think we will be ok.
5:48 pm
>> they usually release and buy tickets on saturday morning. they will be releasing them tonight so they can get them out of the streets. >> when u.s. airways and american merger later this month, there will only be four major carriers left in the u.s. in 2001 there were 10. delta, southwest, and u.s.- american. the consolidations have not cause a spike in ticket prices. pricewaterhousecoopers found they are up less than 2% a year. the volume of first-class mail was down 4.5%.
5:49 pm
congress mandated that the postal service freeze on health- care benefits. since then, the u.s. ps has been struggling. the have toys default on loan payments. it is still on clear if they can do it without the help of congress. the so-called fiscal cliff may have been resolved. at the beginning in january, a sharp increase in payroll taxes has taken a bite out of our wallets. the chain store sales have weakened as they suggest consumer confidence is suffering. the 2% applies to all earned didn't come up to $113,000. the payroll tax holiday will decrease disposable income.
5:50 pm
running through midnight, qualifying products will be exempt from the 6% sales tax. it begins on saturday immediately preceding the third monday in february. for more information, log on to our web site, as the housing market bounces back, remodeling is seeing an upswing. they predicted 20% increase this year in money spent on remodeling, but they say they will be staying in the homes rather than flipping them to sell. the plan they're paying for them is also changing. >> and not try to get the new kitchen all at once. first to the cabinets. maybe then the appliances. emden next year flooring.
5:51 pm
>> many contractors are still short on work allowing you more opportunity to haggle for lower prices. it you should keep energy efficiency in mind to receive tax credits later. >> the heaviest of snow is expected tonight. this storm is not even have its full potential yet, but what are the conditions like now? >> snow is blowing sideways adn only expecting to intensify. we are learning the blizzard warning for boston has been extended. they will be dealing with this until at least 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. it the governor issued the ban
5:52 pm
on travel at 4:00 this afternoon. i have been checking every so often over the last couple of hours. all i have seen over the past several hours are emergency vehicles, snowplows, or sanding trucks. we have seen some crews out trying to work ahead of the storm but it's getting to the point where they're going have to move inside and wait until those passes as the more intense conditions moves through. then they will get to do the work of moving in and taking care. they need have some patience even after the wind stops blowing. it's going to take some time to clean up. >> i know massachusetts is somewhat use the big storms, but it sound like they're taking this pretty seriously.
5:53 pm
>> this is different and a lot of people are taking the advice. up at hardwareg stores and grocery stores. they're preparing to be in sight for several days. they understand this is going to be a long and of the process. >> i am watching you out in this horrendous wind. what are your secrets tuesday in warm? --- to staying warm? >> layers. long johns, layers. i pull this up when i'm not on air. >> thanks, jay gray. annapolis turns to a bird of another father. there is a bill suggesting the raven be named the official state bird.
5:54 pm
plus -- >> as special super bowl champion makes a visit to a baltimore county elementary school with one message. school with one message. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
5:55 pm
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>> if you thought purple friday was over, think again. torrey smith talked about the importance of eating right and exercising.
5:57 pm
jennifer franciotti was there. >> nice to meet you. >> torrey smith sitting down for breakfast and a little football chat. >> did you think you're going to win? >> yes. you have to always be confident. you don't take a test expecting to fail if you have studied. >> he is working with the "got milk" campaign and nfl play 60. >> it makes a huge difference. they have a lot more energy and they are willing to stay focused. >> the rest of the school went wild when he entered the gym. listen closely to his message. >> i want to preach the
5:58 pm
importance of drinking milk. to all in your gloves milk? -- who in ehre loves milk? some of you are lying. >> he had another message that parents will appreciate. >> number one is listening to your parents, your teachers. i saw your eyes change. listen to your teachers. [laughter] >> i think it'll make them say, wait. if he does that, maybe we should, too. >> they were listening. >> if i want to be a super star player, i need to be like him. >> i can be healthy and be an athlete. >> i will do it all the time. >> i think it's hilarious. a few years ago someone told me
5:59 pm
that i would have the influence, it's all about being positive. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that's it for us at 5. here's what's coming up and has six. >> a big storm pounding the northeast. how that will affect maryland coming up. >> and annapolis woman killed her 2-year-old daughter because she thought she was cursed. the tragic story coming up. >> the ravens as a verbal win could lead to more jobs in baltimore. it -- the raven's super bowl win could lead to more jobs. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> star big story, a sigh of relief for many when they stepped outside and only felt the cold rain. the cold rain.

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